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About Walkers Market

Walker's Market is a hidden epicurean gem nestled in the Five Points area of the Old Towne District in Huntsville, Alabama. We are dedicated to finding and bringing unique foods from all over the country to our local friends and neighbors. 

Walker's Market owner and Huntsville native Kimberly Walker was first intrigued by the idea of a small local market when she found a small store after moving her daughter to college in Atlanta, sparking the inspiration that we needed something like it in Huntsville, a place she holds dear to her heart. 


Walker's Market is not your traditional grocery store, working with small batch vendors, the food we carry will never have a long shelf life. This is because our vendors use locally sourced products to make their food resulting in better taste and flavor. Which allows us to carry so many different foods on our shelves and constantly change and add things throughout the year.

Kimberly is always looking for interesting and unique food finds to bring back to Huntsville. We are always going to Markets and researching new and innovative foods to put on the shelves. As she has found through past few years, there are so many small batch vendors from coast to coast this results in continually adding new foods to the market. 

Most all the products we have come with a story. We could talk for hours on the story behind their product. We personally guarantee everything on our shelf has been tasted and researched, therefore, there is nothing on the shelf we have you will not love and we promise it will leave you stopping in for more.

From the Press




35801 Magazine

"Walkers Market is the best gourmet food store in 35801 or the surrounding area."


"There’s just something so special and rewarding about being able to have a busy Sunday afternoon and still come home and have a home cooked meal that you didn’t have to prepare!"

Lee Nast, Event Magazine

“ have died and gone to caramel heaven! Y'all know I'm a foodie and give shout outs about yummy finds & fine food this town offers. Walkers Markets is da bomb! A few of my favorites! I can give you a recipe for a drink using sweet tea syrup too.”

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